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MV Minerva Cruise Ship about to pass in front of Dover Castle, Western Docks, Kent, UK

Departing from Portsmouth  on the 24 May to visit Dublin for her first port of call on this coastal cruise the MV Minerva today visits Holy Loch at around 12:00 pm  departing at around 07:00 pm.

This 12,500 Tonne cruise ship 432feet in length is operated by cruise company Swan Hellenic who offer trips around some of the most stunning coastlines in the world including the West Coast Of Scotland.

Whilst the Cruise Ship is here Alison Downs and the team at Holy Loch Marina will be welcoming the passengers to Scotland and inviting them to visit Dunoon, she has also invited local businesses to promote themselves by taking a stall at the Holy Loch Marina to entice the passengers as they alight and working closely with Local business group PA23 BID arrangements have been made to provide a free shuttle bus to and from Dunoon allowing the passengers to visit town centre businesses with every possibility of purchasing goods.

Alison and the Holy Loch Marina have been working hard for a very long time to entice Cruise Ships to the area and hope that beyond the immediate benefits of visitors from cruise ships visiting the area bring it will also act as a shop window for Dunoon.

Alison is hoping this will be the first of many Cruise Liners to visit Holy Loch and to enjoy more than the beautiful scenery we are blessed with.


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