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“Sounds Like A Whisper” SCBN Launches at Hollyrood

Written by on 30/08/2008

Tony Wood and Victor Thomas representing DCR were present at the successful launch of the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network which took place in the Garden Lobby at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 3rd June. Over 20 community and independant broadcasting groups where represented.

Shirley-Anne Sommerville.

The event was opened with a welcome to the parliament by Shirley -Anne Sommerville who then invited Stewart Lochead from Leith FM to make the Opening Address. This was followed by Community Broadcasting Presentations by Javed Sattar from Awaz FM and Jim McHarg from Leith FM who along with Scotland’s Learning Partnership currently chair the Network.

Scotlands Voice

Jim in his summing up of his presentation reminded the gathered ensemble that “Scotland is a country of great social wealth, it has a diverse culture and community and Community Radio stations are raising Scotland’s social profile. The SCBN will seek to forge a “listening” Scotland which is culturally diverse, tolerant, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, colour or age”. He finished his presentation by saying “Community Broadcasting is more than a whisper, its become Scotland’s Voice!”

Distinguished Audience

The presentations were received well by the gathering of MSP’s, Local Government Councillors, members of the Scottish Broadcasting Commission, Ofcom and other invited guest.


Before a hasty retreat to catch the last ferry Tony and Victor were able to engage in conversation bringing DCR to the attention of several of the MSPs and guests including David Wightman from the Broadcast Commission, Morey Borthwick and David Milne from Ofcom and Fiona Boucher Director of Scotland’s Learning Partnership .

Historic Event

This launch and presentation has already been hailed as an Historic Event that has marked the beginning of a new era for Community Broadcasting in Scotland and every one here at DCR are proud to have been part of it.

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