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You can in a number of ways:

If you want to offer your skills then get in touch with us and we’ll put them to good use!

Donate through our Go Fund Me campaign

Become a Patron of DCR

If you want to help us with a monthly donation then that would be amazing!  We have a massive list of things we want to do at the station and a lot of that costs money.  A monthly donation allows us to keep the lights on and get cracking on that long list!  You can donate as little as a $1 (around £0.75p) per month all the way up to whatever you can afford.  As a patron of the station, we’ll thank you on air and you’ll have access to our patron only posts where we’ll invite your views in some of our decision makings, as well having priority for requested music on some shows.

Make a Donation

If you want to make a donation you can by filling out the form below.  All donations directly help DCR become a better station, keep going, buy new equipment, train staff and cover costs.  All DCR staff are volunteers.  If you want to donate via PayPal directly then please send payments to

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 Buy us a Present

If you want to just jump in and buy us something from our studio wishlist, you can visit our Amazon wishlist by clicking the button below and choosing what you want from the list of things we’re after.  We’ll love you forever!

Visit Amazon through our affiliate link and we get a few pennies here and there for every purchase you make

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