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Written by on 05/06/2015

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On behalf of all the volunteers we wish apologise to all our listeners for what may be said is not the usual standard of programmes we try to deliver to you.                     As you know some presenters interact with listeners during their programmes and rely on the internet to do this.                                                                                                   Unfortunately this week has been the night and day-mare with intermittent failure of broadband in our Studio.                                                                                                       To update our communications on the internet or even to send e-mails we have had to re-locate several times a day to where there is a signal.

We know a lot of our listeners locally are in the same position and no doubt like us have been told that there is no problem and it even may have been suggested to look at upgrading.

Thank you everyone for your patience whilst listening and your on going support and a big thank you to the presenters who have done an incredible job in “winging it” under at times really stressful conditions.

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