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You may have heard us mention here on dcr97.4fm that the feature documentary on popular broadcaster Ken Sykora, who lived the last 30 years of his life in Argyll and was premiered on Friday 13th April at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow is now to be shown here in Dunoon at the popular Studio Cinema on

Thursday 17th May at 8.15pm and again on the following Sunday  20th May at 2.30 pm

Four years in the making, the film tells Ken’s fascinating life story through his vast archive of sound recordings and memorabilia. Featuring beautiful location photography filmed around Argyll, the film includes interviews with two of Ken’s children, Alison and Dougal who still live in the Dunoon area, plus retired local GP, Dr Bill Wilkie.

Alison and Dougal have already visited the Dunoon On Air Live Studio to chat about their dad and Dr Bill Wilkie has also visited the studio to reminisce about his friend Ken .                                                                                                           You are invited to go to the Ken Sykora Radio site to listen to amongst many other things  Alison and Dougal chatting about their Dad.……………………..

KEN SYKORA-The Man With The Jazz Guitar

Ken Sykora was a jazz guitarist in the Django Reinhardt tradition and for over 40 years, a radio broadcaster, working for the BBC and Radio Clyde.

His eclectic broadcasts ranged from presenting live jazz to whole series highlighting different types of music: from guitar, to folk to big band. He created unique programmes like Sykora’s Emporium and Serendipity with Sykora, that mixed music and facts effortlessly and entertainingly.                His final series was the award winning Eater’s Digest,
‘a food programme not just for cooks, but for everyone who eats’.

Ken kept a number of his programmes and some of them can be listened to on Ken Sykora Radio along with his own musical performances, many not heard since they were last broadcast in the 50s.

This radio station is a tribute to Ken’s legacy as a broadcaster.


Ken Sykora devised and presented Guitar Club, a BBC radio programme about the guitar in the late 50s to the early 60s. Introduced as ’30 minutes of music from Britain’s top guitarists, it’s music to suit all tastes, from Spanish to skiffle, classical to swing’

DID YOU KNOW-KEN SYKORA FACT – Commercial & BBC Radio Ken is one of the Radio presenters that have worked for two radio stations at the same time. In the early Seventies after his relocation to Scotland Ken worked for BBC Radio Scotland and was invited to work for Radio Clyde which at that time was one of only three Commercial radio stations broadcasting in the UK.


All radio presenters will have at sometime used  the “did you know that on this Day………Listen to GaryDeeJayMarshalles late night Monday DCR97.4fm programme, but do these presenters including DeeJay Gary know that Ken was arguably one of the first to use in in his radio programmes.

He created over many years, a vast handwritten “database” of what happened on this day. It was used as a resource at Radio Clyde for other presenters and Djs to incorporate in their programmes

Listen out for more information here on Dunoon Community Radio and in the meantime you can check out more by visiting the official website or if a member of facebook click on and like.




Ken Sykora Radio

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