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Dunoon Communiity Radio Mod Squad presenters Frlly, Mary and Jeniffer joined Victor in Glasgow to soak up the atmosphere of Celtic Connections and preparing a special “Mod Squad Edition” of Celtic Connections to be broadcast next week.

MOD SQUAD and Victor

The Mod Squad Team visited the Celtic Music Radio outside broadcast Studio situated in the Buchanan Suite at Glasgows  Concert Hall for Day 14 of the Broadcast and listened to the live broadcast with presenters Alex Jenkins, Ross Macfadyen and Mary K Burke


amongst the artist performing in the studio were  the excellent trio Jim King, Steven Clark and Bruce Nicol, the fantastic The Midgierakers with a great selection of tunes and new singer songwriters Becky Wallace. The team also chatted to the “Sound Students” from  GCU  Sophie, Tristan, Dillon and Steven who all looked like seasoned pros despite surviving only on a diet of sausage rolls from a well know bakery!

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