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Written by on 14/10/2014


Today ‘The Children’s Mòd’ continues as over 1000 boys and girls under 18 compete in 37 competitions at Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail (The Royal National Mòd), taking place in Inverness, as part of the Highland Homecoming celebrations. Young Gaelic speakers at all levels will enter competitions in singing, poetry and storytelling.  It will bring the total number of junior competitions to 92, with a 10% increase in the number of competitors from 2013.

For pre-schoolers that aren’t quite ready to compete, ‘Ceilidh Beag A’ Mhòid’ took place this morning at the  Inverness Leisure providing  entertainment for pre-school toddlers and their parents  giving them the chance to get involved in The Mòd.

The event is part of the festival’s fringe and the day’s junior competitors will be able to celebrate at another programmed highlight, the ‘Children’s Gaelic Disco’ to be held this evening 7pm-9pm, at the British Legion.

Amongst other Fringe events today is ‘Music of the Clarsach’ 1pm, at the Inverness Town House featuring world renowned Catriona Mackay Tonight the CalMac evening concert will take place at the Eden Court  starring Fèis Ros.

Calmac feis rois


It was announced at the The Royal National Mòd Press Conference this morning that the University of the Highlands and Islands is using The Mòd as a platform to launch its second Gaelic Language Plan today, having been the first higher education institution to produce a plan in 2010.  They have set out the university’s strategy for continuing to promote and develop the use of Gaelic through its practices, curriculum and communications until 2018. Proposals include producing more bilingual resources, encouraging staff to learn Gaelic as part of their development plans and holding more Gaelic events (

Continuing the investment in Gaelic-medium education and resources, The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has also launched its first ever Gaelic resource for schools.  The lifesaving charity has a UK and Republic of Ireland wide Youth Education programme designed to save lives at sea by conveying safety messages to young people in school.  It will be the first time there has been a resource in Gaelic, which could prove to be a lifesaving move


Tomorrow Wednesday  we look forward to events at the Eden Court including the  

Literature Awards, Gold medal Qualifying, Silver Pendant Final,

Drama Finals —  Eden Court (One Touch Theatre)                                                                       

Traditional Gold Medal Qualifying