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Written by on 18/08/2015

You may have read in the local Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard that for the first time since 1995 (20 YEARS- 2016 -21 st Birthday) there will be no Kirn Gala on Cowal Wednesday 26 th August

Committee member Ian McColm has said that the Kirn Gala will return for it’s 21 st Anniversary.

To many folk Kirn Gala is known as the Cowal’s biggest charitable event with tombola and charity stalls galore where bargains are to be obtained in a carnival atmosphere. For many charity / organisations it is the yearly event where there is the possibility of  raising much needed funds and publicising awareness of their aims and objectives

We here at Dunoon Community Radio like many others were looking forward to Kirn Gala and on hearing the sad news felt like some others a little guilty that we didn’t pay more attention last year when the Dunoon Observer reported there were difficulties with the organisation due to the declining numbers on the committee and they were desperate for new volunteers

Along with the Dunoon Regeneration Group we have looked at ways of doing at least an element of what Kirn Gala means and to keep at least a presence of Kirn Gala 2015 alive .

The local Dunoon Observer published a wee piece last week to help gauge local response and support and we are pleased to say it looks very encouraging.

With not much time to go this is what we intend to do,

to ask local retailers (if they have room ) to offer  space for a few hours to local charities and organisations  and to allow them to set up a Pop-Up Tombola stall in their premises. We are also asking folk who may have responsibility for empty premises to allow them to be used for the same purpose.

Of course retailers or property owners may like to do a pop up stall themselves for their own favourite charity or organisation.

We will of course need to know of local charities or organisations who would like to get involved so that we can bring the two together, to this aim we have introduced a Spirit of Kirn Gala event page on Facebook where folk may go to a link to register as a premises or as a charity or organisation.

It doesn’t have to be a large space, if the tombola prizes could be viewed through a window it should not be necessary for folk to crowd the shop and in some cases the retail business may benefit.

If charities/organisations who got involved could turn each Pop-Up shop into a mini event, Dressing Up, Balloon’s, Banners Bunting ect; it would create a wonderful colourful display and create a carnival atmosphere.

Over the weekend we have had a very good response

Since going live on Sunday the Spirit of Kirn Gala has been gathering comments from well wishers supporting the venture , offers offering premises and buisnesses wanting to be involved. Interest has come from Hillfoot Street, Argyll Street, Queens Street and of course Kirn.

Margaret Macbrayne has promised to organise the Cowal Pipe Band and dancers at the Bandstand in the Argyll Gardens subject to Council permission and Dunoon Community Radio will provide some music and  DCR97.4FM REVUE artist as they get ready for the Sunset Ceremony the next day Thursday 27th August.

Please help support us with this initiative to keep the spirit Of Kirn Gala alive 2015 whilst the committee re-group, take on new volunteers and get ready to celebrate the twenty first Anniversary 2016

Working Together with the Kirn Gala Committee, The Dunoon Regeneration Group and the Dunoon Observer  we have the makings here of a very special event in and around Dunoon on Cowal Wednesday 26th August .

Let’s all work together for the benefit of everyone and show your support now go to the Spirit Of Kirn Facebook and join in and even invite .