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Tony Collins nicknamed the “Tartan Cowboy” a singer/songwriter with an easy listening style and a musical Cowboy blend of Country, Folk and Gospel, he has also been known to put a smile on the faces of his audience with his popular humour and occasional novelty/comedy song.

Heavily influenced by Hank Williams, Buddy Holly, Burl Ives and the like, he purchased his first guitar at the age of fourteen and began writing and performing at family parties and back court concerts in Glasgow from where he hails.

Leaving school at fifteen, he had various jobs before becoming an Army Physical Training Instructor, gaining top Soccer and Sports Coaching qualifications. Theological College, formed the next stage of the journey, followed by employment as a Programme Director with the YMCA (there’s a song in there somewhere).    Music and sports culminate in the self-penned ‘Marathon Man’, which became the official song for the Glasgow People’s Marathon.

His latest Album “Just Passing Through” is getting a lot of air play not just on Dunoon Community Radio with Sarah, Hillbilly Bob, Gary DJ Marshall, Marco and Victor but on Sunday’s Stewart Fenwicks Country Show from  Celtic Music Radio on Sunday as well as  nation wide radio stations..

On Wednesday  Tony will not “Be Passin’ Through” but stopping off at the Argyll Street Studio to chat with Victor and hopefully bringing his guitar with him .It is also possible if we ask him nice he may sing one of his classic audience favourites such as “Porage Oats” or “Shell Suit Sally” from his famous ‘Irn Bru’  Album.

If you would like to learn more about Tony , Hear more of his music and find out where you can get his music click here now

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