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Written by on 09/12/2009

1st DECEMBER 2009 ON 97.4 FM


At long last, we are very pleased to announce that Dunoon Community Radio will make its first offical live ‘On Air’ broadcast on Tuesday 1st December.
To begin with we will be broadcasting between 6pm and 10pm every midweek evening, and longer at the weekend. This will increase as volunteers are trained and more come on board. As we finalise details they will be published here.

No Fuss to Start

We have decided that the inaugural broadcast will not be accompanied by a fanfare of publicity, media hype, celebrity apperances and fireworks. This is mainly due to the lack of space but we are sure the presenters will make enough noise themselves.

Where we Will do it From
We are very pleased to tell you that, after much negotiation we have secured the use of a Luxury Penthouse, we wish! To be honest it is more of a very posh loft conversion, well actually it’s the corridor of a very posh loft conversion in the Argyll Business Centre situated above RE/MAXs’ office.
Douglas and Victor have been put on strict diet, so should they be joined at the broadcasting desk by slim ones like Tony, Andy and Fiona there will be room for everyone.
Due to the size of the corridor and in consideration to the other business’s we will be unable to have people ‘dropping in’ to the studio, however, please do not let this deter you in contacting us if you wish to volunteer, make a request or know of an item that you think we should be broadcasting. Just drop us an email

To The Rescue
All this has come about thanks to the generosity of Marco Pellici, who on learning that we were in danger of losing our Ofcom Radio Licence; as we had not been able to secure premises, came to the rescue and gave us this space without which , truthfully we would not be going on air.
Once we had the studio sorted Gibson’s did a stirling job racing against the clock to install equipment into our transmitter site. We must also say a big thank you to Head Teacher Sylvia McQuarry and Janitor Callum at Dunoon Primary School for their assitance and paitence. Dick Walsh for his calm and quick reaction in a crisis and for all the folk within Argyll and Bute Council who helped out.

But Last of All,
The BIGGEST thank you, is to you for staying with us and supporting Dunoon Community Radio over the last few years with your comments, ideas and more recently your input through the web site.
To those folk have talked to at our roadshows, lectures and as invited guests speaking to various groups and organisations.We have taken on-board your comments of the kind of radio you wish to listen to and are sure you will keep us on the right tracks.
To the Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard who have chronicled our progress over the last few years and kept the public aware of us, we thank you.
We hope that many of you will join us here at Dunoon Community Radio as volunteers either as individuals or a group. Remember the only qualification required is you enjoy listening to the radio! We look forward to meeting up with you in the future to join us on this adventure that is Dunoon Community Radio.