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Never has there been such public interest or awareness of Scottish politics as there has been over the past recent months with folk of all ages from 16 year olds upwards voicing opinions and strategies for the future of Scotland.

Dunoon Community Radio has been privileged for several years through Charles Fletcher and Caledonia Media to bring to its listeners weekly updates every Saturday and Sunday morning  of what has been happening in Holyrood the seat of the Scottish Government from where Charles introduces First Minister’s Questions and reviews the past week in Scottish politics.

This Saturday 27th September we broadcast this week’s edition, the first of the new season of TWiH includes Nicola Sturgeon declaring she will run to be SNP leader and First Minister; moves to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote permanently; and David Cameron branded a “twit” for revealing his private chat with the Queen.

Tune in 7.00am Saturday morning and repeated 7.00am Sunday morning

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