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Written by on 25/11/2014

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Derek MacIntyre will be back in the studio Monday 5.00PM to bring listeners up to date and to tell listeners whatmore they can expect to see on this fun filled day to celebrate the Switching On of the Dunoon Christmas Lights .

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BIDPA23 representing the retailers and commerce of Dunoon have organised a fabulous pre – Dunoon Christmas lights switch on. You may have seen the posters about town but there is much more going on –oooohh yes there issss than printed on the Poster.

The Dunoon Community Radio Revue will be performing on the Big Stage along with published artist.

The Burgh Hall will be holding a full day of activities that the whole family can join in with workshops that will truly amaze with Drawing the Building with Colm Docherty to Music and Animated film making, T Shirt Printing, Photography and Jewellery making, Street Drama and for those with experience Parkour and what a lot of you are waiting for—oooohh yes you are  for 200 hundred only the fabulous Lanter making workshop. All the fun kicking off at 11.00am

Here is the latest Update from Ann at the Burgh Hall

colm docherty artist

Draw the Building – with Colm Docherty, Sam Jones and Sandi Kiehlmann

Using charcoal, graphite and pencil sketch the Burgh Hall for our records.   Draw around yourself on the walls of the Burgh Hall to leave your mark!

Music making– with Alan Bryden and Anneke Kampman

Make the Music of the Burgh Hall, record digital soundscapes and create the samba band to lead a celebration through the town.

Parkour – with Scott Houston and Paul Lagah

Move and leap your way around the building.

NB: Only for those who have previous experience in Parkour.

Animate the Burgh Hall – with Inigo Garrido

Working with a professional filmmaker create a short animated piece inspired by the Burgh Hall and your time spent there.

T-shirt printing – with Hannah Clinch and Gillian Stewart

Using Heat Transfer decorate t-shirts and bags with Dunoon Burgh Hall images from past events and architectural gems.

Photography – with Jean Donaldson and Ken Clark

Take a photo of your favourite part of the Burgh Hall using iPads, mobile phones, and digital cameras and upload onto Pinterest.

Jewellery – with Soozie Tarkenter

Make your own copper brooch inspired by the Burgh Hall, taking inspiration from the cornicing and gargoyles.

Street theatre – with Diane Thornton and Suzie Ferguson

There are undercover “make-believe builders” at work in the Burgh Hall who have top secret plans to turn the building into something completely different. Join their training sessions and learn how to disappear.

You are invited to photograph your artwork and upload it onto Dunoon Burgh Hall’s Instagram page.