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Written by on 11/04/2016

beat movement Italy

The Guys who helped us celebrate our Third Birthday way back on the 1st December 2012 with an incredible live gig at Dunoon’s MacClures Bar are heading to Italy at the end of April to do their own mini World Tour of ITALY!
Touring along with The Blue Lenas, Jamie Reilly, Scott Beaton and Jordan Kelly, dates confirmed at this time are:

Tickets available at you nearest Italian Consulate 

FRIDAY 29th – Alzati Lazzaro, Gattorna ( Near Genoa ) With The Pottos!
SATURDAY 30th – Clyde Scottish Pub, Atina (near Rome)
SUNDAY 1st – Clyde Scottish Pub, Atina

the beat movement 2

Although we haven’t managed to get the whole group back to play for us in Dunoon (we are still hopeful we will see them later in the year)  we couldn’t allow them to start this stage of their career without a personal update

Formed in 2011 hailing from Greenock The Beat Movement Vocals/Rhythm Guitar: Mark Maclean Lead Guitar: Lyall Mooney Bass: Chris McEwan Drums: Marc Heron have been taking their own form of High energy Rock ‘n’ Roll, Soulful grooves & Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and entertaining across the UK.and now Europe.

Mark Maclean, Lyall Mooney and Chris McEwan will be catching the ferry to cross the Clyde to chat to the listeners and the many fans this side of the Clyde and have promised to bring their  guitars

the beat movement


The Blue Lenas                                        Touring along with The Blue Lenas