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Written by on 18/05/2012

As we wait patiently for the new Argyll and Bute Council to inform us of what their view will be of the recently implemented “Tax on Entertainment “some rumours that councillors have already voiced that this is something imposed on the Council by the Scottish Government and out with their control and that  there are specific difficulties identified as a result of the change to the legislation (implemented by A&B Council) is most disappointing.

Remarks like this make it sound as if the Council have already made a decision.

It seems that in recent times local issues which our viewed by the vast majority of “ordinary “ residents of Argyll and Bute to be easily solved by a common sense matter of fact solution does not always meet with agreement of the citizens who we elect to represent us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In fact recently not only have our representative in local government chosen to ignore the wishes of the community but also to disregard the advice of the Scottish Government and place Argyll And Bute out of step with the majority of Scottish councils………………..

You may have heard the welcoming news that local MSP Michael Russell has contacted Argyll & Bute Council chief executive Sally Louden asking that “the Daft and destructive Arts Tax policy to be reversed


Culture Sectary Fiona Hyslop has already informed campaigners against this entertainment tax including Dunoon Community Radio that she has already  said “ that the Scottish Government is wholly supportive of the of the contribution made by the arts community and do not want to see any adverse effect on the staging of exhibition or performance.

“The Scottish Government will expect Councils to continue to support the fantastic grass roots and community Cultural activity particularly in this year of Culture .

In a letter to every licensing convenor in the country Justice Sectary Kenny MacAskill wrote “We would encourage you to take account of the contribution of the artistic community when progressing any changes that are to be made”

Maggie Reilly at Hanover Street Hall

Entertaining events which usually include the playing of recorded music (played under a fee paying licence) and live entertainment is one of the main sources of finance for Dunoon Community Radio and one of the few ways we are allowed to secure income under the Ofcom broadcasting licence.

Providing entertainment for other charity groups like ourselves (yes we are a registered Scottish Charity) is also part of our Ofcom remit .                                      At this moment of time helping other charities to raise badly needed funds and to provide entertainment for folk in the community who may otherwise miss out is in a state of confusion and a great worry at this time.

As most of you are also aware Dunoon Community Radio has already dedicated itself to the forthcoming Dunoon Royal National Mod and is currently promoting this great event and by promoting a better understanding of what this prestigious event means to us here in Dunoon, not just a celebration of the Gaelic language but a celebration of local Culture, Heritage and History.

What a shame if we through this new “Entertainment Tax” we have to curtail the promotion of this Great event on Dunoon Community Radio and limit the personal experience of the folk in Argyll and Bute and the many visitors from all over the world to just the official proceeding in venues which at this time will require a special Entertainments Licence.

Once again we are in the hands of the decision makers some of whom represent us for the first time-Well that is what they were saying before they were elected.