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Written by on 11/10/2011

At 75 years old Harvey Averne has celebrated over 60 years in the music business from top Atlantic recording artist of the sixties to Record Company owner and top record producer of 2011.

He is as enthusiastic and involved in music as ever and as level headed about his involvement in the music business still looking to and working on future projects.

His Music over the years has been described under such genre as Salsa, Latin, Soul, boogaloo and just downright funk

And now with the recent release of his 1967-1971 Anthology “Never Learned To Dance” with the classic single “Got To Have Brotherhood” it looks like a new generation of music lovers will be introduced to the world of Harvey Averne -that is -unless you are a listener to Dunoon  Community Radio’s  DJ Frankie Gee who has not only been playing many tracks from Harvey’s recording career but many tracks Harvey has produce for world famous artist such as Eddie Palmieri winning his first two Grammy awards for his record production on  classic Eddie Palmieri albums. Frankie Gee has also been rumoured to playing of classic Madonna tunes to which Harvey was responsible for the first demo recordings of a youthful Madonna, and for signing her on her first record deal.

In Europe, wheeling and dealing in music Harvey took time to fly into Glasgow then  by road to  Dunoon to  spend some time with Frankie Gee to show his recognition and appreciation  for his  furthering of Salsa in the UK and to  talk to the listeners of Frankies “ Caribbean Nights” programme as Frankie Gee devoted the whole programme to the music of the legend that is Harvey Averne

PS As you heard the man say even though he is very cold here he said he loves Scotland and if all goes well will return to Dunoon Next Week and talk to Frankie Gee about some of the artist he has produced and worked with.

So tune in next week for a special edition of Caribbean Night when Frankie Gee once again talks to the  Two Grammy Award Winner, Five Grammy Award Nominated Albums. Three Time Billboard Producer of the Year, Three time Record World Producer of the Year and  Many Other Awards the Legend that is and a really nice Guy HARVEY AVERNE