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Written by on 15/04/2015


water aid

On May 1st Carol Gillies will be setting off on her Suzuki V-Strom motorbike to ride around Scotland anti-clockwise She will be riding mainly b and c roads, in order to take in as much of the coastline as possible. (Apart from the obvious bit where the border is! and the land ends ) she recons on it being like being around 1,950 miles in total.

CAROL Getting Ready


For a great deal of the journey Carol will see water a constant reminder to her of why she is doing this, whilst she travels along the coast the greatest amount of water she will see is undrinkable because it is salt water.

For many folk in this world the only water they know is dirty in fact filthy, full of bacteria, parasites and animal faeces and as it is the only water available   Every single day, 1,400 children die from drinking it .                                               That’s one a minute, every minute.


Carol is doing this in the hope of attracting your attention just for a wee while enough time to make you aware of Water Aid

WaterAid is a charity that works in places all over the world where people have no access to clean water.  At all…

One in ten people in the world have no access to clean, drinkable water.  That’s about 748 million people.  Every day is a struggle just to find enough to stay alive,


WaterAid works with communities to sink wells and build hand pumps and toilet blocks in villages all over Asia, Africa, Central America and the Far East.

There, facilities are maintained by the villagers, who also receive training from WaterAid.

Whilst the most obvious benefit of clean drinking water and sanitation is fewer deaths and much less disease. Lack of proper toilet facilities often means that girls can’t go to school to get an education. Additionally, they often have to spend much of their day fetching water.  In order to make as few trips as possible, they might have to carry containers weighing over 20kg at a time; that’s the standard UK airport luggage allowance.  Think about carrying your holiday baggage on your head all the way to the airport, maybe up to five miles per trip. Maybe up to three times a day.  Every day.


Carol ask that we just take a few minute to think about how much we all take our water supply for granted.  From getting up in the morning and using the loo, brushing your teeth, having a shower, putting the kettle on, watering the garden, going for a swim; it’s always there at the turn of a tap.   Please think about giving something to help provide just a fraction of the water we use daily.

Every  77p in every pound goes directly to providing clean water, and for every pound we raise, over four pounds is returned in increased productivity.

Carol would like to thank everyone who reads of her motorbike ride for Water Aid and thanks everyone in advance who may consider supporting her


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Water Aid