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Written by on 25/09/2011

Dr Phil has just completed a biography of Mississippi John Hurt, which has been published by the University Press of Mississippi, and he and Annie have just returned from a tour of Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Mississippi and New Orleans where they have been signing books and visiting many of the folks who helped him research the book.

Dr Phil Ratcliffe DCR97.4FM Producer and Presenter of the acclaimed ‘Sounds of the South’ who once ran the Cowal Bird Garden with his wife Annie is a self-described musician and ardent blues fan.

Phil grew up near Liverpool and discovered the music of Mississippi John Hurt when he heard “Stack O’ Lee Blues” on an LP he bought second-hand in 1970.

Dr Phil Joined Victor on the LLLVLBS recently and told DCR97.4FM listeners of his first involvement in the biography of Mississippi John Hurt project,

“Following a “life-changing journey” to Mississippi, I arrived at the site of the first Mississippi John Hurt Festival among the hills that overlook the Mississippi Delta at Avalon on July 2, 2003. The next two days were a whirl of excitement, friendship, love and emotion. I met John Hurt’s granddaughter and spent hours talking to local people who had known John. I scribbled a few notes, played some of John’s tunes and drank a beer or two under the shade of the trees in the humid heat of midsummer Mississippi. Without being aware of it, I had begun to catalogue the story of Mississippi John Hurt.”

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