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Tuesday 1st March Legendary Scottish Entertainer Frank Galloway better know as Banjo Frank has agreed (for a MUG of Tea and a Boiled Egg Buttie) to call in during a special extended addition of TLLLVLBS with his Banjo –alas no Sea canoe to talk to us and to tell us about his latest forthcoming live performance at The QUEENS HALL 18th March.

Banjo Frank will talk about his recent epic 114 miles sea voyage by canoe to recreate the journey made by the brave Woman of Cowal who travelled the 114 miles by sea, river and loch to fight at the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, he has also hinted… that there maybe some finger pickin’ Bluegrass.

Join Victor on Tuesday  for the criac  with Banjo Frank which promises to be good banter, stories, song but on this occasion no ballroom dancing?

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