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After an incredible start over the weekend with two incredible Danny Kyle Concerts we start the week with another fantastic line up of entertainment, how Liz Clark finds such talent deserves a “Danny” in it’s self.

Starting at 5.00pm tonight at The Exhibition Hall – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall this is certainly a must have “Hot Ticket” and the amazing thing, it is a Free Entry. Attendances have so far nearly filled the Hall so arrive that little bit earlier and soak up the atmosphere of Celtic Connections
Tonights Performers Not in Running Order

Martin Jones – Greenock www.facebook.com/martin.s.jones
Originally ‘found’ as a youngster by Danny himself, Martin Is a singer songwriter from ‘Sugertown’ who has travelled the length and breadth of the country performing at festivals and clubs. Writing songs that are passing into the tradition
Stems – Edinburgh www.facebook.com/stemsmusic

STEMS is the brand new project of Kirsten Adamson, Anne Aulmann and Diana de Cabarrus. Separately they’ve been tearing up the country with their respective originals bands, ploughing all kinds of psych, country, post rock, indie, new wave and folky furrows. Now they’re joining forces to write and perform luscious three part harmony vocal material backed up by killer arrangements with stompin’ instrumentation that includes cello, guitar, bodhran, synth, mandolin, auto-harp. Get on board!

Daddy Naggins – Glasgow www.facebook.com/thedaddynaggins
A High-energy bluegrass band with a Glaswegian twist! Formed in 2010 have established themselves as one of the most hard-working and in-demand local groups. Have just recorded the debut cd ‘A Certain Paradise’

Hannah Jackson – Glasgow www.facebook.com/hannahlouisejackson23/
Singer Songwriter home based, gigs in and around Glasgow extensively as well as in London and Vietnam Jazz bar! Has an EP and a single just out!
Kim Richards- Glasgow www.soundcloud.com/kimricha

Originally from Ullapool and grew up in the Feisean movement and attended Plockton as well as graduating from Glasgow School of Art but is never very far from her music.

Danny Kyle Open Stage – at Celtic Connections
live on Celtic Music Radio www.cleticmusicradio.net
From The Exhibition Hall – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

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