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Our BIG Brother Community Radio Station Celtic Music Radio is currently test transmitting on 95FM in preparation of the launch of the 95FM service on 1st July.

 If you are out and about around Glasgow in your car please tune in and have a listen and why not pre-set it so next time in Glasgow you don’t have to look. 

Our colleagues at Celtic Music Radio 95FM  would welcome any reception comments you would like to make,        you can contact them at studio@celticmusicradio.net or

by text to 0777 507 95 95 

The Glasgow based Community Radio is promising a festival of music as it prepares to switch over to 95.0 FM transmission on Tuesday 1st July. It’s been a long time coming and no easy road with a lot of hard work put in by the dedicated volunteers at Celtic Music Radio who are now looking forward to boost its audience and further improve their reputation as being the Best Celtic Music Radio Station anywhere

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