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Written by on 09/07/2008

You may recall that in February we were all very excited here at DCR having been offered premises in which we could build a studio. As you know we have been looking for premises from practically day one, and have already explained previously (see below WHAT`S HAPPENING NOW) some of the restrictions that we have to overcome to find a suitable premises. We have always felt the need for premises not only to make and broadcast radio programmes, but as a gathering place for members and a point of identification, a home!


Unfortunately one of the restrictions is that of finance and at this time finance is very low. Although we are working very hard to secure future funding, the process and application for grants does take time with no guarantees of success (Ofcom say running cost must be sourced with 50% grants & 50% sponsorship, donations and advertising). With the financial situation being such we have had to look very carefully at our monthly outgoings which mainly consist of costs for the Ferry Brae studio.


With no future funding in sight at the moment and with a decreasing bank balance, we have made with regret, the decision to leave the Ferry Brae studio. Having searched for so long to find a studio this decision has not been easy but was necessary to ensure the future of DCR. We must say a big thank you to Annette at Headcases for renting us the studio.


Without premises it does not mean that we will come to a grinding halt, we have been making programmes for some time and of course lets not forget what we did up to and during the Mod (extracts here very soon). It may, as one of the “older” members recalled, be very reminiscent of the pirate radio days when moving equipment about to any vacant room was par for the course. But maybe the least said about that the better and rest assured everything we do is legal and as per Ofcom regulations. Well we won’t need the big tea pot for the moment but we will be holding meetings and putting all our efforts into the Website which still has some way to go. With the next step being the addition of sound! Keep coming back to watch are progress or better still let us have your ideas, join in, there are no restrictions or qualification required . Sign the guest book (a little comment would be nice) and we will contact you.