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Locals and visitors alike many from distant shores were entertained to unique events here in Cowal  this weekend, the incredible “Happy Daze” Clyde Charity Challenge saw over fifty swimmers swim across the Clyde to raise funds for their own special charities. Congratulations to all who took part especially Team Paul Kerr who have been working so hard behind the scene to make this happen.

The fact the event attracted so much media coverage and reports and photographs on social media sites proves the excellent job that was done .

This is the photograph that has been seen all over the world which most people say illustrates what Happy Dayz represents

paul -zanda

Paul Kerr is reunited with his son Zander after both completing their own challenge


swapmp soccer poster_2014

swamp soccer 2

One of the other unique events this weekend was the World Cup –No not that World Cup the only thing that was biting in this World Cup was the occasional Midge, we are talking about the Ardbeg Swamp Soccer World Cup .

This world class event was being held At Blairmore just outside Dunoon and attracted visitors from all over the world and players from as far away as Turkey battled it out for the World Cup Championship.

Covered from head to toe in mud players scrambled to score goals in the same manner as the other World Cup with even a penalty shoot –out as Scots Yippee Ki Yay beat Erisim Istanbul from Turkey.

The mens final was won for the third year in a row by Team AK from Paisley who beat Deportivo Lack Of Talent 3-1


Dunoon Community presenters DJ Luke and Dj Rupert who did a splendid job commentating  became TV stars when they were featured briefly in a television news report.

DSCN1620 (640x480)

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