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Was it really last April that Matt Ramsay born and bred just outside Glasgow in East Kilbride came into the DCR97.4FM studio to talk to Margaret and Victor about his passion for singing.

This professional Commercial Sport Co-ordinater dealing with the co-ordination of Football, Off-ice Skating , Gymnastics and Swimming had  been wooing DCR listeners with songs from the musicals and not just musicals,  as a special surprise to Matt his management team unknown  to him had sent a Lady Ga Ga song he had recorded in the studio just to show he could do it and this was the first time Matt has heard the finished version, he told  listeners  he listens to such popular artist as Michael Buble, Tom Jones ,The Undertones and classical artist as Andrea Bocelli, Alfie Boe and Il Divo to Tony Bennet, Michael Ball and Frank Sinatra.

The Boy from East Kilbride told listeners how he loves  football & sports, but music is his first passion and how he found his voice singing in the choir of The Salvation Army.




Since he had been  discovered by his manager Marc D Nixon his life had really changed recording some of his favourite songs in a big studio with an orchestra and being  introduced to renowned songwriter Robert John Puzey who wrote smash hits for The Dooley’s and The Nolans including the world famous ‘I’m In The Mood For Dancing’. Robert was so impressed by this new Scottish talent he has written especially for Matt’s incredible voice a new song “Say What You Will” which he was just about to go into the studio to record as his fist single CD.

Well the waiting is over and  ‘Say What You Will’ will be released on a exciting new record label Monkay Ltd. and will be available by download from itunes this Weekend  but of course, listen in to DCR97.4FM and you just may hear this incredible new song by surely one of Scotland’s Top Singing Talents.

Matt has promised as soon as he can to re-visit the studio to say hello again to our listeners and bring everyone up to date and to share this great adventure he has embarked  upon. Matt tells us he is taking it all one day at a time at the moment   still doing the day job and enjoying the precious time with his family as you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring no he is in the “Music Business”


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