Game Recommendations – undiscovered or under-rated gems

Written by on 11/05/2018

Following our episode on the 9th of May where we each gave our recommendations for films, TV shows, books and games that were either undiscovered, under-rated or forgotten about we thought it best to give you a bit more information.

In this blog will show all of the games that we recommended.  We’ll highlight our top pic with trailers and list the rest.  If you’ve got some of your own feel free to leave us a comment below.

Broforce (PC/PS4/XBox) – recommended by Andy F

Rise of the Argonauts (PC/PS3/XBox 360) – recommended by Mark

Shadowrun (XBox 360) – recommended by Andy H

Hotline Miami (PS/PC) – recommended by Andy F

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PC/PS3/XBox 360) – recommended by Mark

Halo Wars (Xbox/PC) – recommended by Andy H

Enslaved (PS3/XBox 360) – recommended by Mark

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