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Following on from NHS Highlands Palliative Care Implementation Group (PCIG) public event at Cowal Community Hospital and from other information they have sourced, a shortlist of 6 options for the future of pallative care services in Cowal (from the original 10 options) has been drawn up by the PCIG.

The PCIG wish to obtain the views of the public on the short listed options to help it in the appraisal process.

You can get the details of how you can do this by looking at the Dunoon Community News Page and for more information on the Hospice you can click here for the new Save Cowal Hospice site https://sites.google.com/site/savecowalhospice/home

All feedback has to be in by TODAY Friday the 24th June

Sybil Baldwin local Hospice campaigner and no stranger to the DCR Studio’s  will be visiting us again tonight at 5.00pm with latest updates and news and advising on the best ways you can have your voice heard.

This is probably the most important issue in Argyle and Bute at this time and some have said an issue which at this time is not looking very “healthy” for its residents?

Listen in tonight and better still why not contact us with your views, on all the occasions we have discussed this matter on DCR we have never had a view put forward that the Hospice is nothing but a big big plus for Argyle and Bute if you agree or if you disagree please contact us and let us know

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