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Written by on 10/06/2015

samuel mckibben

Samuel McKibben has been a pastor, apostle, and pioneer in the Apostolic Church for over 50 years. He has ministered extensively throughout the UK and beyond. Although officially retired, he continues to superintend an affiliated network of fellowships in the Scottish Highlands and leads a ministry-development programme in Italy. He lives in Inverness with his wife Mair and have 4 children and 13 grandchildren.

Pastor Samuel McKibben in a lifetime of ministry has seen miracles of God through salvation, healing, deliverance, protection and provision and recently captured many of these events in his Book “The God Of The Miraculous”

Samuels book

Visiting Dunoon’s New Life Christian Fellowship at 96 Queens Street Pastor Samuel will be in the church at 7pm Saturday 13th June and again Sunday morning at 11am.

Pastor Samuel will also be visiting the DCR97.4fm studio after 12pm this Saturday ahead of his evening appearance at the New Life Christian Fellowship along with old DCR friend  Pastor Norman Wright.

With such reviews for his book as

“Prepare to read of the awesome power of God at work as Samuel relives his life’s service to the lord, encountering his provision and strength every step of the way.You’ll feel encouraged, inspired, and most importantly of all, confident in the God of Miraculous.”

His book has arisen from Samuel’s strong Biblical conviction that it is a God-given responsibility for each generation to witness to succeeding ones about the wonderful works of God. This is in accord with God’s self-designation, that he is the God Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Samuel McKibben’s father was a Christian who witnessed to his own family, and this encouraged the resolve in the Author’s heart to prove increasingly that the Gospel is not just a message to be preached, but a demonstration of God’s power to be seen.