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Written by on 06/06/2015


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Dunoon Crossroads will in conjunction with Alzheimers link worker Kerri Noor host an event this Sunday at the Ardenlee Care Home to inform folk about the project Playlist For Life .

Deputy Chair of Playlist for Life, Andy Lowneswill be there to talk about the project and to answer questions

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Playlist for Life encourage the use of personally meaningful music on iPods in the care and treatment of people with dementia

The core work is to encourage families and other caregivers to offer people with dementia a thoughtfully compiled and highly personal playlist, delivered on an mp3 media player device such as an iPod, of the music that has been meaningful to them during their life.

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There is mounting evidence that if people with dementia are offered frequent access to the music in which their past experience and memories are embedded, it can

  • Improve their present mood,
  • Improve their awareness,
  • Improve their ability to understand and think,
  • Help their sense of identity and independence.

This website we offer guidance that can help individuals to get started.


To stimulate conversation and provide a little entertainment Dunoon Community Radio presenters Dave de Kort and Victor will be performing and playing requested music that has special meaning to folk in the audience and will be asking for folk to test their memories and name tunes from the world of TV , Movie Themes and popular tunes of yesteryear and asking folk to tell everyone what they remember.