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knights of techno

All good things come to an end so they say! Well the time has come for me to finish up doing UnderGround BroadCast.

Over the last 6 months I have struggled trying to find the time and energy to fully commit to the show so rather than continue and not do my best I have decided to end on a 5 year high.


When we first got invited onto the then AIR radio station in Dunoon I knew that I wanted to start somthing that I woul be proud of. As I blagged my way onto promo lists and got lucky with some great DJ’s coming and speaking to me I knew I had something special.

Over the years I have seen loads of radio shows come online so in an ever saturated market it was always going to be hard to continue doing what we were doing without devoting more and more time which I unfortunately don’t have anymore.


I would like to thank all the listerners to the show, all the promo people behind the scenes and all the artists that continue to provide the music that keeps our techno community alive!


Finally I would to sincerely thank the managers at Fnoob Techno Radio who gave me a slot and for their support over the yeasrs. I wish you all the best for the future and know you continue to provide an excellent platform for techno music.

Stay Techno


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