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Luke Szymczak

Born in Leeds and grew up in London, In my early teen years I started going to gigs in London.

When I was growing up Indie was in it’s beginning, Madchester had been born and Brit pop was nowhere to be seen. I spent most of my time at the Marquee Club, Astoria, Camden Underworld and other venues watching unknown bands become giants in the alternative world. Living in North West London I was privileged to live amongst some of the most influential artist of the 60’s. Moving away from London in the mid 90’s I ended up in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and bought my first pair of decks, I shared a house with a Hip-Hop DJ who DJ’d at local events, local bands used to come round, my record collection became a local legend, as I was the only person anyone in the area knew that had a huge vinyl collection of the latest Indie singles, albums, 60’s Underground, Mod and Ska, I was asked if I would DJ for local bands in the local pubs. By the end of my time in Leighton Buzzard we had set up an annual Music Festival for local bands and DJ’s to play at. I disappeared from the music scene for about 6 years until I moved to Dunoon, on the West Coast of Scotland , where I now have a radio show for a local radio station and DJ at local event’s. For the last couple of years I have DJ’d at the annual Swamp Soccer tournament and at The Commonwealth Baton Relay and The Mod weekenders in Dunoon.