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Sammy Gillan

I have been with DCR for over 7 years and love every minute of it. I am originally from Baillieston in the East End of Glasgow but moved here 16 years ago. I love the peace and quiet here and cant see myself moving from here.
My show covers all genres of music from the 70s,80s, the 90s (and a wee dip into the 60s. Features on my show consist of the Odd One Out were I play five songs and one (as the title suggests) is the odd one out. I have the 2 from 1 slot (2 songs from the one performer) and of course my Listeners List. This is where listeners send in their favourite 5 songs and a little bit about themselves and I play their selections back to back.
I try to bring back the memories of the listeners from the music I play and I like to surprise them with songs that they haven’t heard in a long time.
I can be contacted during the show live via my shows Facebook Page ( click here ) and the studio text.