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Ryan’s first blog post

Written by on 18/06/2018


My name is Ryan and I am a Radio Presenter of Sammys Pop Pourri, I am also on the web team and an Events Manager here at Dunoon Community Radio!

Have you heard of Sammy’s Pop Pourri? Well! I don’t know why you haven’t! Sammy’s Pop Pourri is hosted on a Sunday Night 6-8pm and is dedicated to the wonders of the 60s, 70s, 80’s and 90’s! I used to mostly listen to new modern playlists including this one I made up on Spotify (see the bottom of this post).

I loved the music, but I needed a change, I continue to listen to it but now Sammy has converted me to an Old Music lover, I continue to listen to songs played on Sammy’s Pop Pourri even after the show and I pick out good ones to continue to listen and keep close too! Well, that’s my intro, 😀 That was longer than I thought it would have been, anyways, Here at Sammy’s Pop Pourri we would like to make it easier so as many people as possible can listen to our show!

So, without further I do, we will be introducing YouTube playlists, after the show ( when I get time ) shortly after I will make a playlist containing all the night’s songs without speaking! I am not saying, “DONT LISTEN TO OUR SHOW,” simply saying ” Let’s make things better! ” I will start posting them in the next couple of weeks and then, Sammy’s Pop Pourri will be even better, if you continue to check our Facebook Pages and the Sammy’s Pop Pourri blog here on the website, I will put little previews of the show etc! But… SHH don’t tell anybody else!


Presenter of Sammys Pop Pourri,


Events Manager,

Dunoon Community Radio


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