Written by on 30/10/2011

A walk around the the Haunted Wood at the Glenbranter Halloween Forest Event Left many an adult shaking in their Boots but the children just thought it was just great and “can we walk around again please!” was the cry

The illuminated woods was the perfect theme for an Halloween Happening with Fire flaming Dragons who’s only visible evidence was the burning trees from their flaming breath  and their mighty roars which  which filled the air. The cries of Vampire Wolves could be heard from deep in the woods and some folk swear that through the darkened woods you could occasionally see their flashing eyes.

There was plenty to keep young and old occupied including  a Spiders Lair if you were brave enough to enter  to lots of party games in the Big shed which was decorated with glowing hollowed out and carved Pumpkins Games included big barrels of water with hundreds of floating apples to lovely sweetie things dangling from strings.

Photographs of all those who had arrived in fancy dress were taken to be entered into the Fancy Dress Competition winning entries included a Grandfathers Clock an Alien………more to follow

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