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Written by on 17/08/2017


Over three hundred folk went along on Tuesday to the Burgh Hall to see information explaining this new exciting initiative known as The Dunoon Project. In the early evening Nick Ferguson CBE presented the project to a packed Burgh Hall and answered over twenty questions on all aspects of the project

Listeners will remember at the beginning of the month Neil Alexander taking time out of his 100th programme to inform every one of this project and encouraging listeners to go along on the 15TH August to show the folk behind this new initiative that the community is interested and will support  new ideas and projects that will that will help our “wee” town.

The new project is to bring about a Cable Car and Zip wire for Dunoon.

To make this project happen the orgainising group have asked for community support and say it won’t cost a penny to the local community, they explain in………… .

This exciting project is designed to belong to the community. The community can get involved and help make this a reality.

Brendon Wallace, the founder and managing Partner of BC technologies, has been living in the area for the last fifteen years. As a keen mountain-biker, his hobby has taken him all over the UK and he has witnessed many exciting developments that have brought prosperity to rural areas. He recognised that Dunoon and the surrounding area was perfectly placed and had many attributes to make it an ideal location for similar developments.
The vision is to install a cable car system from Dunoon to the top of hills above the town. At the top will be a visitor heritage centre and café. This will provide access to the hills and its spectacular views over the Clyde to young and old alike. It will also allow many visitors either walking or on bikes to take advantage of the many stunning trails that for many are too high to reach. However, that’s not all. His vision also includes bringing exciting activities like a world class Zip Line and an Alpine Coaster so families can race down the hills or the less adventurous can stick with the Cable Car.
To this end, Brendon has pulled together a team of people from business and the local community with the passion and skills to see how to make this happen.

The below website gives more details and also allows you to show your support for the project or ask questions.

Come along on the 15th to the Burgh Hall during the day from 12 noon for more information or come along at 6pm where Nick Ferguson CBE will be presenting to the community this project.