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Written by on 18/03/2016


Depending how you view Charity Shops some may say we are blessed locally with these “Aladins Cave” of Bric Brac, yesterday’s soon to be in fashion again clothing, books galore and the finest china  Framed Art galore and the best reason for keeping that old but like a lot of us still doing the job, the trusty VHS player with video tapes at give away prices. And have you ever thought where would all those Vinyl records (there on the way back you know) end up.

Then there is the Footfall we all know of the bargain hunters who will plan days out across the great Clyde, not only visiting towns on our own peninsula but even further afield looking for charity shops for bargains and things of interest.

Just recently it seems that folk are discovering that a trip Doon The Watter reminisce of days gone by is well worth the time.   Dunoon Argyll Street and adjoining streets boast independent retail shops providing a fascinating selection of select clothing a Boutique shop, craft shops, sweetie shops, galleries, the very popular Doon the wattter memorabilia shop and course a world famous award winning Jeweller and did we mention Charity Shops.

With well-established rail and ferry links to Dunoon’s Argyll Streets and with the cafes and restaurants for refreshments it’s quite understandable why there is a revival in “Doon the Watter”


The newest of Charity Shops in Argyll street is Kirn Parish Church Charity shop which not only benefits the Church and it’s maintenance but gives financial support to local groups as part of their parish outreach and community responsibility.

Since they moved into new premises on Argyll Street last year they have donated £100 to Children in Need and £115. to the Scottish Poppy Appeal.

Soon to benefit will be the Dunoon branch of Chest, Heart and Stroke club.


The Chest,Heart and Stroke club provide a great service for local people affected by these illnesses, giving the members a great afternoon of entertainment and their carers a few hours off, knowing their loved one are in good hands. All the helpers are volunteers and deserve as much support as possible.

In June the Kirn Parish Church Charity Shop will be again looking at a worthy course this time much closer to home looking to Kirn Gala. Sadly last year the event did not take place but a hurriedly put together Pop Up Spirit Of Kirn assured continuity in a prelude to this years 21st Anniversary.

kirn gala

This year on August 24th Kirn Parish Church Charity shop will once again be occupying a stall with their famous Gift Boxes and will looking to making a donation to the Kirn Gala Committee to assist with the running cost.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so at the shop and also don’t forget purchases made in the shop all help to make these and other donations to local courses.

real egg2

In the run up to Easter and now available in the Kirn Parish Church Charity shop –Easter Eggs —a very special Easter Egg


It would be hard to imagine Easter without eggs. But do you know why we eat them?

Eggs are a symbol of hope and new life. Today billions of people all over the world believe that by dying and coming back to life Jesus gave people the chance to know God a new way.

The friends of Jesus, called Christians, still follow him and know his love in their lives.

The Real Easter Egg-besides having a really yummy Fairtrade Chocolate Egg also the Christian Easter Story— A great Easter gift Limited stock so don’t leave it too late.

Real Easter Egg



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