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The Weird and the Wonderful 06/07/18 BLOG

Written by on 06/07/2018

Hi there, my name is Ryan with the Weird and the Wonderful Show! You may have heard me from Sammys Pop Pourri ( which I am still continuing to do! )


I am an S2 Pupil at Dunoon Grammar School, I enjoy radio broadcasting and I love doing the Radio here at DCR!


Today I am going to give you an overview of The Weird and the Wonderful Show on 06/07/18;


Firstly we started off with some tunes, some speaking and some more tunes!

The tunes we played where:



We then talked about WhatsApp’s new Features,

Original Article: Click Here


And another tune!

The next tune:


Then we talked about Tesco’s new Tillless shopping,

Original Article: Click Here


We started doing our weekly segments,

Ryan’s Phone of the Week came first with the iPhone 5C,


We then moved on to Ian’s Game of the Week

This weeks Game of the Week was Tetris


And we both have picked Tech of the Week,

This weeks Tech of the Week was the Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones! 😀



I would like to say thank you for reading / tuning into our first show, it really means a lot, we hope you listen in next week Friday 5-7pm! Have a nice week!


Thanks for reading!


E-Mail me song suggestions at



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