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A Big Big Thank you to every one who has contributed in many ways to this years Gala without your support we would not have got this far. You may think it is a little premature with still a few days to go but we couldn’t go any further without publicly thanking you for the support and to report to you everything is going to plan.


We also must apologise to all the folk who have recently asked to hire Stalls, we have run out of space and it has been very hard to refuse .

It has also been hard to refuse the many performers who have offered their talent to come along and entertain we have run out of time.

Of course we would be delighted to see as many of you as possible if you are that way inclined to pop along after 11.00am and help us put on the Stalls.

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Whether you are just a local resident a local business or an organisation we want everyone to know without your support The 21st Anniversary Kirn Gala would never have got to this point .  You Are …………..in no order  KJamesYolandaChouxmakesCakesCarolStirlingCuttinEdgeEnvirokirn     AFamilyfromTowartargyllprint&designJavaWalk DunoonObserver&ArgyllshireStandardSalmonDunoonCommunityRadio MarcoPelliciDrHipandtheBluesOperationCowalHealth&Wellbeing                                                                      KirnParishChurchDavidMitchell&DunoonGrammarSchool GordonBlairS/BankChurchArgyllFirst                           CowalCottageBakeryTentS&EventsLivingItUpCaladhFuneralServices KarenMartinCowalCrossroadsCowalDesignConsultants HomeStartCoreComputingArgyllSmileTaylorLeisure                                           KenClarkPhotographyCowalRugbyClubDoonTheWatter


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