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Written by on 21/12/2009

Congratulations to Robert Gorman from Dunoon who wins the signed copy of Welcome to Wee Cumbrae.

Listen to Douglas and Victor tonight for your chance to win a signed copy of John Steele’s latest book Welcome to Wee Cumbrae, which charts the history of the Island from the 7th Century till the island was recently sold for £2,000,000. If you wish to learn more about the book John is giving a presentation in the library tomorrow night at 7.30pm. Admission is free.

Wee Cumbrae

Well despite numerous entrees we still haven’t had a winner, so just in case you missed the question, here it is What is the name of the passenger ship that ran aground on Wee Cumbrae in 1931? If you think you know the answer you can email us or text in on 07751236995 and we will pull the winner out of the hat next Saturday 12th December. For a wee help some of the wrong answers we have had so far is the Jeanie-Dean, The Vital Spark, The Rose, The Arbroath and the Titanic! So have a go and you could win this lovely book.