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Public Transport –Not Convenient?

Written by on 28/06/2011

Do you find and have problems when using public transport.

Does “Mind the Gap when alighting “ fill you with dread.                                                                                   Is walking or sometimes staying at home becoming the only Safe option for you.

It seems these days that a lot of folk out there in the community have a lot of issues with public transport and with the start of a new ferry service justv about to commence a lot of folk are concerned with access on and off the new ferries as we have all heard the “stories “ of the ALLYCAT and rough weather, which is not uncommon.

For a lot of folk negotiating the kerb requires a thought out strategy and when the gap you are ever so politely asked to be mindful of seems to have a big big drop you cannot but ask yourself if anything goes wrong here what is going to be the outcome.                                                                         Its not just folk of a certain age, what about Mums with children , what about the physically handicapped, what if your arm is in a sling or you require the assistance of a walking stick, what about the people less fortunate than most who were born with a physical handicap or may have a learning difficulty, they may possibly require the assistance of a career.

After mentioning this on Mondays LLLVLBS Kirsty from Enable has asked if she could come along to the studio and put forward some views on be halve of folk with disabilities. Listen tonight when Kirsty will visit the 97.4fm studio in the Argyll Business Centre at 5.00pm.             Every one is also welcome to contact us and have their viewpoint put forward us.