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Ryan’s DCR Story

Written by on 04/07/2018

I joined DCR along time ago, I made the statement;


One a day I join DCR, another day I leave, knowing I made things better!

I wrote this on a Yellow Post It Note, I think it’s still in the studio today, it was a good feeling that day, heading to Sammy’s Pop Pourri, I didn’t speak much, I instantly found my love of doing the background tech stuff, people say;


Is that not boring? Why don’t you speak more? Speak more!


My answer to that is always I will think about it, I do what I enjoy, you seriously need to Volunteer ( this is not propoganda ) but it is some of the highlights of my life going to DCR and helping with Sammy’s Pop Pourri!


I continue to do Sammy’s Pop Pourri, and put it this way, I LOVE IT, but I knew I needed to do more to fulfil my post-it note ( not saying Sammy’s Pop Pourri is boring, it’s I wanted to do more ), that came in the form of becoming a Website Administrator, I have been a website administrator for around 2-3 weeks now, and, to say frankly, that has been one of my most favourite experiences at DCR, you know how good it is to feel like you have done something, well I have, and it feels great! I am starting to train Presenters on the Website soon, so expect more blog posts in the future! 😀

I then payed a visit to our Event’s Team, I became Event’s Manager, my job is to source Event’s, find organiser details and availability, and then pass that over to the Head of Events, who then continues to enquire about it and hopefully we have an Event Setup! It’s a simple job and we are looking for Event’s Assistants and more Managers, to apply find contact info on our Contact Us page or e-mail !



And now, my final achievement, I NOW HAVE MY OWN SHOW! YAY! I am starting my first show on Friday the 6th of July 2018, me and my friend Ian wanted a show, when another show was cancelled ” Geek Speak ” we knew we had to step in, we have started a show called the Weird and the Wonderful Show, we will play music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and a bit of new stuff, we will talk about technology and gabber nonsense and play you tunes for 2 hours!



That has been me,


Just a wee note, if you are interested in joining the DCR Team, contact us using the form in the ” Contact Us ” section of the page or e-mail


I would like to say thanks to my mentors at DCR who have helped me learn a lot!


Sammy Gillan, the person who first got me in the door and helps me make my shows and learn about DJ’ing and Radio Presenting in General! Thanks Sammy 😀


Andrew ( Andy ) Farina, our Web Master, he has helped me on numerous occasions, Andy spent 8 months creating this amazing website we have today, so, a MASSIVE, thanks to him!



And last but not least, Victor Thomas, our lovely Programme Controller here at DCR who is helping me open up more opportunities, I want to thank you the most for creating this lovely station and helping me get in to the Radio Further!


A final thanks to everybody at DCR for their support! 😀




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