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Ian joined DCR on the 28/06/18, he is helping out the Team by submitting news stories so that our website looks great! You may want to look out for some amazing articles coming soon!

Ryan has joined DCR as a volunteer doing minimal work on Sammy’s Pop Pourri doing background technical stuff on a Sunday Night, he then started popping up more in the radio and quickly became a Co-Host/Presenter of Sammy’s Pop Pourri, Ryan has now also extended in DCR and is now perusing 2 other jobs at […]

CLICK HERE TO READ MY BLOG Natasha has joined DCR as a volunteer through the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and is keen to learn and be part of everything Radio. She first appeared on Iain McKie’s Perpetual Dreams as a guest before quickly moving on to help produce and co-present the show. Over the […]

Head honcho, soul music lover, Rod Stewart uber fan.

Presenter of the Rock, Metal & Prog Show & co-presenter of Geek Speak.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m one of the resident geeks here at DCR and as such have taken on the responsibilities of looking after our website.  We hope you like it, but, if you spot any issues or would like to suggest some features then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.  […]

DCR'S chat show Gaultys answers to anything! Hear me on Wednesdays 1pm til 3pm on 97.4 fm or online via Tunein

Gill Toosey is one of Dunoon Community Radio’s new presenters for 2018.

Iain’s weekly show is a time to sit back, have fun and listen to a incredible variety of music, many favourite tunes the choice of the listeners.  

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